When the supply of original Quad CD-4 phono cartridges (mostly manufactured in the 70's and early 80's) began to disappear, Ed contacted an engineer who was on staff at Audio Technica back in "the day" and who was instrumental in the development of their famed Shibata/Quadraphonic cartridges.  Ed's goal was to develop a contemporary alternative with a retail price of under $150.00. That was a tall order but develop it they did and Ed has sold hundreds of his quad cartridges over the last 8 or 9 years.  Ed had pretty much decided to halt production because it is an expensive and sometimes troublesome product to make but on a routine search of eBay we found Ed Saunders name in an auction title which was not ours. Turns out that it was for a used Ed Saunders Quad cartridge so we watched it. When it sold for $91.00, I decided that maybe this was not the time to take the thing off the market. Ed agreed. 
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Designed to work with all turntables, either 1/2" mount or P mount with all necessary mounting hardware included.
Only $139.95